Square Method

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Create amazing experiences

Square Method exists to design and build great experiences and help enhance a new or existing product. With our proven method of
Discover • Design • Deliver, from day one we become a partner instead of just a resource. We are committed to walking with you through every step of your design project.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints are a proven method to jumpstart a new product, project, or feature. They can be completed in few days or up to two weeks. This will help decide what type of product you really need and how to market to
your customers.

User Experience Design

Your users want digital experiences that are easy to use and delightful to interact with. We help you discover, prototype, and validate what your website or digital product should be in a way that understands and fulfills the needs of your users and your business.

User Interface Design

Intelligent visual design connects the beauty with the experience. We craft a common visual language and hierarchy that enhances how users engage with your digital products.

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